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Raising Venture Capital? Seeking Angel Investors?

Start-Down.com helps companies learn how to raise capital and a valuable resource for entrepreneurs seeking capital to start up a new business.

Venture capital firms usually require a high rate of return on their investment (20%+ per annum) and finance provided to the business is typically in the range of $500,000 to many millions of dollars.

An angel investor generally wants less control of your company and a slower return on investment, however the criteria for investment are likely to be similar. Angel investor groups are great sources of private capital and frequently invest angel money into new companies.

It follows that both venture capitalists and angel investors are looking for capital growth and revenue increases and evidence that your business can deliver continued growth over time, to provide a return on investment.

The current venture capital market is rebounding nicely, from the past setbacks of the “dot com bubble” and “real estate bubble.” Venture capital remains a viable source of funding for startups, which are able to deliver the necessary growth that investors are looking for. Past events should certainly not discourage entrepreneurs who have genuine winning ideas and business plans from looking for funds.

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